2LG Studio

The Triptych sets: a combination of clean aesthetics, skilled craftsmanship and selective use of recycled materials.

Beautifully functional.

Craft and materiality are really important to us as designers, so we were so keen on learning the level of detail and skill that goes into everything that Savernake Knives makes.

The nature of the process involved in making these knives meant that we could explore new materials of composite post-industrial waste and recycled plastics to make the handles and boards. These materials are not only better for the planet, they are also extremely beautiful, helping you to see waste in a new way and to make something really special. All colours and shapes in this collection are part of our signature style.

2LG Studio

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For where we needed our colour to be spot on, we went for Durat; a post-industrial waste composite. Made to order for us in Finland, it uses industrial composite by-products that would otherwise go to waste and can create almost any shade of any colour you’d like.

For the main boards and the rack we settled on another recycled material, but this time made by Smile Plastics in Wales. Each one of their pieces are unique, and their random, matte appearance contrasts brilliantly with the Durat.

For the liners of the cutting boards, there was only one candidate – possibly our favourite functional material of all time – Richlite. Food-safe, beautifully workable and utterly dependable it’s a Sawmill stalwart.

Selecting the knives for the sets was no challenge at all. The Savernake Knife, Classic and Stout Yeoman exemplify our ethos of making only the lightest, most dextrous and enjoyable blades possible. With steel pins matching the blade and a pared-back handle construction, they will offer you a lifetime of pleasure in the kitchen.



Each of the cutting boards’ working surface is perfectly inset, meaning you only see it when you need it.