“My bespoke ‘Sargeant’ knife was expertly made for me by Savernake Knives with the precision, passion and attention to detail that I have in the kitchens of my restaurants. They listened to exactly what I needed from a cook’s knife and they didn’t disappoint in the final product. It’s stunning to look at. It has the perfect balance and cuts like a dream.”

– Mark Sargeant, Michelin-starred Chef & Restauranteur

Recreate an old favourite

Your first knife from culinary school. The one Mum passed down to you. The old faithful that’s been sharpened to a needle. We can bring your darlings back to life. And we love nothing more than a challenge.

Be a visionary

The handle from this cleaver. The blade from this chopper. Somewhat like this utility knife, but a little longer. Oh and in orange please. If you’ve got a specific creation in mind, no problem. We will work with you to make your dreams a reality. As well as endless blade designs and concepts, we can even create handles that feature your favourite fabrics, match your kitchen design, or feature printed materials such as children’s artwork.

It starts with you

The first step is a sketch, either by you, or by us after a consultation at our workshop. Alternatively you can bring us a photograph, or even a knife you’d like to copy or adapt and we’ll work from that. Our designers will then create a virtual 3D model of your knife for your review, and show you different handle samples to choose from.

Prototyping your knife

To ensure your blade is exactly as you imagined, and your handle fits your hand like a glove, we send you first an acrylic mock up and then a fully-functioning steel prototype. At every stage we encourage you to feedback on hand-feel, size, shape, balance and performance.

The finished article

Only when you are completely happy with your prototype do we move on to creating your final knife, spending 50+ hours of precision engineering and meticulous handcrafting to bring your vision to life. Custom knife engraving can be included free of charge as part of your design, if required. Of course this is only the beginning as the correct knife care will ensure your bespoke knife lasts a lifetime and beyond. Take a look at ourFAQs for more Savernake Knives information.

Designed by you. Created by us.

Enjoyed for a lifetime

To discuss your options, or explore the option of a bespoke knife as a gift package, please get in touch with our team today. We would be delighted to talk you through the process over the phone, or during a tour of our workshop.