Bespoke Service

Welcome to the Savernake Knives Bespoke Service

Your knife, your rules: Our bespoke knife service always begins with a conversation. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, or you only have a vague inkling, we will work with you to develop a design that’s truly unique and completely tailored to you. From concept to complete in 8 weeks, this is precision engineering just for you.

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The Journey Begins1

Step 1

Where to begin?

After an initial chat, we’ll then start working on a rough sketch of your knife. Whether it’s you who draws it, or you visit us at our Wiltshire workshop and we work together to come up with this initial idea is completely up to you. Give us as much or as little information and inspiration as you have and we’ll work it out together.


Step 2

Next steps...

Once you’re happy with the general style, size and shape of your knife on paper, we will then move onto the topic of handles. You’ll peruse our vast selection of handle materials, from the unique grain pattern of Mexican bocote, to the classy contoured layers of Richlite, and many others in-between.


Step 3

Bringing your idea to life...

We will next go through a series of modelling processes whereby you will first see a virtual 3D model of your knife, followed by a fully-functioning prototype. There will be opportunities to edit and adapt your design throughout the process. This extensive modelling is borne from the firm belief that what looks good on paper doesn’t guarantee a good product.

Step 4

The real deal...

Once all the details have been finalised and any adjustments made, we begin work on your final knife. What follows is a series of around 40 painstaking steps all carried out under one roof at our Wiltshire workshop. For more info, watch our process video.