Billy & Jack X Savernake Knives

We challenged Master Chef losers (their words, not ours) to design their perfect kitchen knives. Here’s what they came up with.

Making Billy & Jack's Perfect Chef's Knives


Working with the guys at Savernake Knives was a bit of a dream for us. As chefs but also as people who appreciate craftsmanship, spending time with Phillip and Laurie to sketch out our bespoke knives was a complete treat. We now have two totally unique knives, completely bespoke to us and our needs, that have felt like extensions of our hands since we first got a hold of them. Plus who can put a price on working with Phillip and Laurie, that’s a priceless experience if ever there was one!”

Billy & Jack Savernake KnivesBilly & Jack Savernake KnivesBilly & Jack Savernake Knives

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