Billy & Jack X Savernake Knives

Master Chef losers (their words, not ours) & influential food writers

“Working with the guys at Savernake Knives was a bit of a dream for us. As chefs but also as people who appreciate craftsmanship, spending time with Philip and Laurie to sketch out our bespoke knives was a complete treat. We now have two totally unique knives, completely bespoke to us and our needs, that have felt like extensions of our hands since we first got a hold of them. Plus who can put a price on working with Philip and Laurie, that’s a priceless experience if ever there was one!”

Master Chef losers (their words not ours), Billy & Jack took to our screens in 2016 to compete in Master Chef, they have since gone on to establish their own successful supper clubs, delicious recipes and are respected as key influencers in the food world.  The duo designed their own bespoke knives and the result allowed Savernake to create a new style of pinch grip, which has been a popular choice amongst chefs and foodies ever since.

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