Carefully curated knife sets

Whether you insist on a knife for every kitchen task, or are happy with a pair of knives that you use for everything, we will create your perfect set of knives.

Select from our carefully curated favourites, or start from scratch and adjust every aspect of your blades with our Configurator.

Our knives and accessories are designed and crafted entirely in-house by a small team in our workshop on the edge of the Savernake Forest.

Every member of the team is, first and foremost, a knifemaker, so if you can’t see exactly what you want – just get in touch and tell us what we can make for you.

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Custom Knives

Use the Savernake Knife Configurator to create your perfect knife from 44,380 possible options. Discover cooks’ all-rounders, specialist blades and chef’s essentials.


Superlative steak knives, carefully curated carving sets, specialist knife collections and more. All entirely customisable to suit your taste and requirements.


Personalised engraving is included on all knives


With proper care, our knives are guaranteed for a lifetime of use


Delivery to UK included, flat rate shipping worldwide


Butchers knives to carving sets

We make custom knife sets for chefs of all abilities designed to tackle anything from veg prep to butchery to carving the Sunday roast. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of knives to get you started; on the hunt for a trio of knives to equip you for most kitchen tasks or searching for a knife set to gift to someone special, our knife sets are all customisable to fit your exact brief and budget.

Superlative steak knives

It’s easy to think just of kitchen knives when considering a knife set – but our steak knives are perfect small knives in their own right and completely customisable. Enjoy designing your own steak knife set, from a simple pair through to a complete set of 20 – and mix and match as you prefer. Choose wooden handled steak knives, colourful composites or strikingly unique G . F Smith paper handles – play it safe or be bold. Presented in a matching custom-made Richlite presentation gift box, our steak knives will elevate steak night from the routine to the religious and make wonderful gifts for loved ones and family members alike.

Turn carving the Sunday roast into an art form

Whether you tremble in fear at the thought of being asked to carve at the dinner table – or jump at the chance of demonstrating your skill with a carving knife, our carving knife sets will

Lightweight knives that stay sharp

All of our knives feature our signature concave blade geometry which results in a lightweight knife that cuts better and stays sharp for longer.

Your knife. Designed by you. Handcrafted by us.


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Your vision. Our craft. Work with our craftspeople to create your own bespoke knife. The only limit is your imagination.

Knife Gifts

Gift cards, gift boxes and bespoke knife gift invitations – the ultimate personalised present for cooks, chefs and hard-to-buy-for loved ones.

Knife Sets

Superlative steak knives, carefully curated carving sets, specialist collections and more. All infinitely customisable by you.


Perfectly matched honing steels, custom knife wraps and covetable chopping boards


More than 50 hours of expert work goes into the making of every Savernake knife, using a combination of state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous hand crafting techniques.

With over 10,480 customisation options available and complimentary blade engraving included as standard, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to own a knife unique to you.

Our signature concave blade geometry results in knives that cut better, weigh less and sharpen more easily and which are guaranteed for life.

How we make our knives

Every knife tells a story. This is ours…

The Savernake Story