Why buy a decent chef’s knife?

A chef’s knife is the most important tools in any kitchen. But why is it worth investing in a decent chef’s knife? We briefly explore the topic here.

Ask any chef or home cook which single piece of equipment they couldn’t do without in the kitchen and most, if not all, will nominate their trusty chef’s knife. Simply put, you can’t cook properly without a knife of some kind – and since it does more jobs more effectively than any other tool, getting the best one you can afford is hugely beneficial.

Somewhat annoyingly, what constitutes ‘the best’ is an apparently contentious topic.

As a very, very general rule of thumb (yet still one where you’ll find strongly held opposite opinions) the more you spend on your knife, the better it is. This applies almost indefinitely in terms of aesthetics, but reaches a peak around £500 or £600 in terms of utility. 

Other than that, it’s a question of personal choice. Get it right, however, and you can turn drudgery into joy and save yourself a lot of time and effort through the many years you spend together.

But how do you know if the knife you’re looking at is decent or not? Read our blog post on what makes a good chef’s knife to find out.

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