Definition of Terms

1. Ancillary items

Items not included in the cost of the knife – such as sheaths, lanyards, blocks or pouches

2. Bespoke

A knife generated from a new, original design involving the creation of a new CAD model ,CAM toolpaths and heat-treatment mould. This will usually involve a prototyping process.

3. Commission

Your instruction (and our acceptance) to make a knife for you

4. Completion

A complete knife has completed all finishing processes, been inspected and placed in its packaging

5. (your) Contact Information

The methods by which you can be communicated with, including your physical address

6. Core

Our made-to-order range, considered Customised

7. Customised

Using one of our existing knife CAD models as the basis for a new knife, whereby the design is fixed but the furniture, finishes and engraving is chosen by you

8. Defects & Faults

Where the knife has a fundamental error that results in breakage or damage while using the knife in a reasonable manner for the purpose for which it was designed

9. Design and Likeness

The two- and three-dimensional aspect of the blade in both its conceptual and finished iterations

10. Delivery Date

The date for delivery of the Goods as set out in the order.

11. Despatch

When the knife has been handed over to our courier for delivery

12. Despatch rate

A flat rate for post and packaging that can be found on our website and is subject to change prior to an order being placed

13. Engraving

The permanent marking of a blade with a design or text of your choice

14. Exotic Steel

Any steel that is more expensive, or more difficult to come by, than our standard steel of Sandvik 14c28n

15. Furniture

Those parts of the knife that are not physical extensions of the steel used for the blade: pins, handles, liners etc

16. Gift

Where a gift voucher is purchased for a third party

17. Goods

The product set out in the order

18. Handle Material

The material used in the construction of the handle. Usually this is a single main material and a liner but this may change for bespoke items

19. Made-to-order

Where an existing model for a knife is taken as the basis of a commission, with the furniture and engraving being custom work.

20. Order

The placing, via our website, letter or email, of an instruction to manufacture a knife pursuant to these conditions

21. Packaging

The immediate protective and decorative container that accompanies each knife

22. Personal Data

In addition to your contact details, your purchase history and other information relating to sales and enquiries

23. Pre-made

A knife that has been fixed with furniture and is ready for immediate despatch

24. Prototype

A first or preliminary version of a bespoke knife, generally made from more widely available steel, simplified furniture and not finished to the standard of a competed knife

25. Redemption

When a gift certificate has been purchased, before beginning the manufacture of the recipient’s desired knife, the certificate must be returned to us for redemption and nullification

26. Standard Cost

The price for knives and post and packaging as stated on our website

27. Standard Steel

Sandvik 14c28n

28. Timescale

The elapsed time between receipt of an order and despatch

29. Transferrable

The ability for a gift voucher to be transferred from one person to another prior to being redeemed

30. Transit

The period between despatch and the arrival of the knife at your specified delivery address

31. Working Day

Monday to Friday inclusive but not including any public holiday