We use paper to inject the top-note of colour in to our layered handles. From striking combinations of purple and yellow, through to a subtle layering of whites and greys, we can incorporate any palette in to the design.


Our sources for veneer are wide and varied – from exquisite English burr walnut through to clean and simple maple, the veneer can be stacked (with or without paper) in any pattern you fancy.

The Fine Print

All papers and veneer change tone slightly when laminated, and while we have done our best to reflect this in our colour chart, there will always be some slight variation.

We like to use G . F Smith’s Colorplan paper, but you are welcome to provide us with your own if you prefer.

Prices for our G . F Smith paper handles start from £100 plus the standard price of whichever knife you’ve chosen.

Take some inspiration from the gallery below and then chuck some combinations at us and see what we come up with…

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