Reimagined for the 21st Century

Our collaboration with extraordinary bespoke furniture maker Lanserring represents the culmination of a journey of exploration and the celebration of a shared passion for design and craftsmanship.

Lanserring designs and manufactures custom-made kitchens, furniture and lifestyle products for discerning clients around the world. They offer a truly bespoke concept-to-completion service – each commission is an opportunity to create something new; a journey, tailored to reflect the tastes and lifestyle of their clients.


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Innovative knife making techniques

When Lanserring first approached us about working together we didn’t need to be asked twice. We both employ the same traditional hand crafting techniques alongside innovative precision engineering to produce truly made to order products that fit our customers’ brief exactly. This was an opportunity for us to work together to design something very special indeed that would also allow us to explore new making techniques and materials.

Obsession with detail

The resulting knives embody the true spirit of Lanserring, drawing inspiration from the location of its workshop in Austria, surrounded by woodland and nestled in the shadow of the Riegersburg Castle.

Every element of the design reflects Lanserring’s obsession with detail. From the brass double dovetail – a traditional cabinet making motif used to joint two dissimilar timber elements together; to the choice of woods used in the handle; to the highly innovative and durable champagne gold PVD coating on the blade which seamlessly blends the contrasting materials together.

The laser engraved contour lines on the blades reference the exact location of Lanserring’s location and are a subtle acknowledgement of the merging of past, present and future.

Telling the Lanserring Story

The Lanserring collection is comprised of four differently sized and profiled blades, representing the ultimate essential knife set, with each being named after key elements that form the basis of Lanserring’s own story – Heritage, Journey, Philosophy and Narrative.

Heritage is the largest knife in the collection, the foundation upon which Lanserring is built. It’s Santoku-inspired blade profile pays homage to Japanese knife making as well as to our signature Savernake knife and allows for both a modern and traditional cutting action. Large enough to tackle big kitchen prep, dextrous enough to manage fiddly tasks.

Journey is based on a larger classic chef knife profile, with its longer curved blade allowing for a smooth rocking action and finely pointed tip perfect for detailed food preparation.

Philosophy is a smaller chef’s knife, compact, agile and lightweight – ideal for smaller hands or tasks where a larger knife would prove cumbersome.

Narrative is the smallest knife in the collection and again, gives a nod towards the Asian aesthetic with its petite, Santoku-inspired blade. Perfect for veg prep.

“In Savernake Knives we found kindred spirit. A company who also values craft, creativity, precision and excellence.

The styling of the knife was a fusion of two concepts: the first referencing Japanese knife making for the faceted handle and the second, a nod to tradition cabinet making techniques.

The result is a technically complex piece that feels rare and beautiful.”


The Lanserring Collection

The Lanserring collection, exclusively resplendent in Champagne / African Blackwood / Mopane and Brass is now yours to own. Commission your own bespoke set of four knives or get in touch with us if you would like to discuss a complete knife set.


More than 50 hours of expert work goes into the making of every Savernake knife, using a combination of state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous hand crafting techniques.

With over 10,480 customisation options available and complimentary blade engraving included as standard, you’re almost certainly guaranteed to own a knife unique to you.

Our signature concave blade geometry results in knives that cut better, weigh less and sharpen more easily and which are guaranteed for life.

How we make our knives