Mark Sargeant X Savernake Knives

We worked with Michelin starred chef and restaurateur Mark Sargeant to create his perfect chef’s knife from scratch, complete with Sargeant stripes of course.

Making The Sargeant knife

My bespoke “Sargeant” knife was expertly made for me by Savernake Knives with the precision, passion and attention to detail that I have in the kitchens of my restaurants. They listened to exactly what I needed from a cook’s knife and they didn’t disappoint in the final product. It’s stunning to look at. Has the perfect balance and cuts like a dream.”


We invited Mark down to our Wiltshire workshop to walk him through the process of designing his ideal chef’s knife from scratch, which he describes as being “light, sharp and easy to handle”. As with all of our Bespoke knives, we started with a chat and a rough sketch, to get an idea of what Mark was looking for in his final knife. Once we were all on the same page and we had a real understanding of what he wanted to incorporate, we created a 3D image to get more of an idea of what the knife would look like.

Once happy with the virtual incarnation of the knife, we sent Mark home with the promise of delivering a full working prototype very soon. Not all knives which look good on paper and on screen are great in reality, so this stage gives our customers the chance to make any changes based on a week of using the knife. In this case, Mark was happy with the prototype so we moved onto making the final knife. The final touch was to add Mark’s Sargeant stripes to the side of the blade.

If you’d like to find out about designing your dream knife from scratch, read about our Bespoke Service.

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