Mark Sargeant

Michelin-starred chef, restaurateur, author and TV personality Mark Sargeant gets his ideal knife; light, sharp and easy to handle, with stripes.

“My bespoke “Sargeant” knife was expertly made for me by Savernake Knives with the precision, passion and attention to detail that I have in the kitchens of my restaurants. They listened to exactly what I needed from a cook’s knife and they didn’t disappoint in the final product. It’s stunning to look at. It has the perfect balance and cuts like a dream.”

Back in 2017, we invited Mark to our Wiltshire workshop to walk him through the process of designing his ideal chef’s knife from scratch. As with all our bespoke knives, we started with a consultantion and sketches, to understand what Mark was looking for – something “light, sharp and easy to handle”. Once we fully understood his vision, we created a 3D image to get a clearer idea of how the knife would look.

After the virtual incarnation comes the prototype. We want all our knives to be their owner’s idea of perfection , and not all knives that look good on paper work in reality, so each one of our customers who designs a bespoke knife gets a prototype to use and live with for a week. Once we’ve incorporated any alterations they wish to make, we move on to making the final knife. Mark loved the prototype, so all that was left was to add his Sargeant stripes to the side of the blade.

Fast-forward to 2019. Constantly striving to produce knives at the very top of the field, we decided to re-visit Mark’s design to see if we could improve it by incorporating some new aspects of our knife-making process. The result is a knife of the same shape and size as Mark’s original, with an improved ‘contoured’ handle design for exceptional comfort, and our dazzling new Random Stripes handle design. Mark was very pleased to receive the upgraded version..

You can now make Mark’s knife a part of your personal collection, complete with made-to-measure Richlite lock-in magnetic sheath.

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