Old Friends are Back

10" and 5" joy in two new woods.

With absolutely no apologies for some shameless name-dropping, the very first butcher’s steak knife we ever made – albeit only a mild 8 incher – was for Jamie Oliver.

He’d been frustrated that the only butchery knives he could find were those which were pretty much intended to be disposable. And for disposable read cheap steel which, as we all know, means a terrible knife.

So we made the knife and on and off over the years it’s been on the website and always proven to be one of our most popular larger blades, particularly when we upgraded to a solid 10″ (and for those who who need a bit more length, there’s also a twelve-incher available…).

The steel we used in this case was Takefu 67-layer San Mai with a VG10 core – which we still have a small stock of – and we think it turned out rather well:

So, what with February being a quiet month, we got a grip of ourselves, looked the custom knife configurator squarely in the eye and figured out how to add completely new knife models; first off the block was this bad boy.

The more astute amongst you might have noticed the rather splendid handle. We thought that since we were resurrecting the Butcher we would also bring Spalted Beech back in the limelight. Difficult to get hold of and time-consuming to prepare it may be, but once it has been selected and stabilised it’s an absolute ripper of a handle material. It won’t be around all the time as our stock waxes and wanes, so if it tickles your fancy then get some while we’ve got some.


Next up is a knife that again has only beenĀ available in one fixed design – our 5″ Boner.

Originally designed for Chef of the Year Steve Groves, it’s a knife where our hardening process really shines, with the optimum 60HRC creating something that will put in serious hours of dismemberment before needing even the slightest tickle on a honing steel.

Possibly of even greater import is the use of 100% authentic, from-the-Fens, bog oak. Sourced from the wonderful people at Capricorn Timbers it is in the region of 4300 years old and is absolutely spot on for a knife such as this where a little bit more grip is so clearly beneficial.


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