About Us

10,000 hours in...

We work from an old sawmill on the edge of the Savernake Forest near Marlborough in Wiltshire, and strive to combine the best of modern technology with age-old techniques in our quest to make the very best knives possible.

We carry out every step of the knife making process (short of smelting the steel) ourselves and believe that it’s only through keeping things completely in-house that we can maintain quality, speed and allow us to customise knives at the individual level without compromising quality.

If you’d like to drop by and see what we do, you’d be more than very welcome. All we ask is that you drop us a line beforehand.


After a peripatetic existence, Laurie came back to England in 2014 and began Savernake Knives as a distraction from developing a system for the meaningful display of quantitative information. A slightly unusual career trajectory began with five years as an officer in the Scots Guards, three of them spent in Ulster at the tail end of the Troubles. The next decade or so saw him variously setting up emergency relief programmes in southern Sudan and Ethiopia, clearing landmines for the HALO Trust in Mozambique, Afghanistan and Cambodia, studying at the University of Cape Town, looking for gold in Liberia and running a power station in Nairobi along with other little exploits over much of sub-Saharan Africa. He now lives off the grid in the middle of the Savernake forest with his wife and baby boy.

His favourite knife is the Astounding Cleaver.


After a career that took him all over the globe, Philip came back to England in 2016 to join Laurie in setting up Savernake Knives. His career started in London launching and managing two successful pubs but it was his family roots in Kenya that led him to embark on an adventurous journey running safaris, learning to track wild animals with the Maasai and marketing several businesses in  both Kenya and Uganda. In 2011 he joined the consultancy firm Adam Smith International to head up their operations in South Sudan before moving to Pakistan where he was responsible for setting up and managing operations in Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar. He now lives in Wiltshire with his wife Georgie and their baby girl.

His favourite knife is the Brawny Chef.