Reinventing knifemaking


Precision engineered. Meticulously handcrafted.

The result of 50+ hours of expert work, every Savernake knife is created to order in our West Country workshop. We combine state-of-the-art engineering with time-honoured hand techniques, taking one of the oldest crafts known to mankind, and reimagining it for the 21st century.

A knife as unique as you

We carry no stock. Whether you desire a classic knife, a specialist blade, or something completely bespoke, your knife starts with you. Created to your exact specifications, you receive the knife you’ve always wanted. Not the one we have on the shelf.

Names not numbers

From the moment it is entered into our ledger, your knife is known by your name. It is deeply engraved on the tang of your blade from the outset, and referred to by that name throughout its journey in to your hands.

Working at the micron scale

Each Savernake blade is precision engineered using the same CNC machine preferred by Formula 1 engineers. This allows us to create our signature concave blade geometry. Beyond even the most skilled artisan and unimaginable to mass manufacturers, our concave blades cut better, weigh less and sharpen more easily. When you pick it up it’s poetry in your hand.

Tradition meets innovation

To achieve perfectly flat handles and crisp chines we use a surface grinder that is over 50 years old. Once perfectly shaped, our knives are hardened in small batches. Rapidly heated to 1080ºC, they are then removed and clamped in under 100 seconds before being cooled to -81ºC and returned to room temperature. Only this diligent process can achieve perfect hardness and longevity, whilst maintaining the crucial internal radius of each blade.

By hand and eye

Some things can only be achieved by a master-craftsperson. Our expert knifemakers thin the lower inch of the blade by hand; the concave cheek expertly blending into a tapering convex cutting edge of less than 100 microns. Once complete your knife undergoes a half-day of specialist corrosion resistance treatment. This prevents staining and odors, and protects your blade from the effects of salt and acid.

The perfect fit

We have spent years perfecting our handle design. The result is both aesthetically pleasing, whilst adapting to all hand sizes. It is conceived to enable hours of cutting without fatigue, muscle ache or blistering. Our handles feel fabulous in the hand and beg to be picked up and used again and again.

Hand sharpening

Now we add the knife’s most important quality; its cutting edge. Each blade is painstakingly sharpened by hand to create a 15º bevel. This allows for the perfect balance between cutting efficacy and edge strength. Our high tech Swedish steel is incredibly strong and tough. This means it requires a great deal of scrupulous work to create the optimum cutting edge. But once created it stays razor sharp for a long time.

The final flourish

Finally, your knife leaves the main workshop to come upstairs. Here, in the light afforded by the large windows overlooking the Wiltshire countryside, we add your personal engraving. It’s the final touch to a knife as unique as you. We then spend a final hour or two meticulously removing all signs of manufacture, leaving only your immaculate and deeply individual knife.

A lifetime of creativity

Your Savernake knife will respond beautifully to the frequent, gentle touches of a honing steel. Properly cared it will need sharpening very infrequently – which, of course, we can do for you. Treat your Savernake knife well and it will last a lifetime and beyond.