Our Background


Every knife tells a story. This is ours...

At Savernake we believe in doing one thing well. For us, that thing is kitchen knives. Since opening our first workshop on the edge of the Savernake Forest in the West Country in 2016 we have been in tireless pursuit of the perfect knife, through a combination of the finest materials, modern innovations and traditional craft.

In our endless pursuit of perfection, we have ripped up the knifemaking rule book. We started at the chopping board and worked back, asking ourselves what makes the cleanest, most graceful cut? What fits just so in the hand? What turns any ingredient to butter? What makes service or dinner party prep fly by, yet will last a lifetime in the kitchen? What does every cook or chef need to best express their creativity, nourish their loved ones and excel in their careers? We are always asking ourselves those questions and many more. Always innovating and always pushing our processes forward. Taking one of mankind’s oldest crafts, and bringing it into the 21st century.


After a peripatetic existence, Laurie came back to England in 2014 and began Savernake Knives as a distraction from developing a system for the meaningful display of quantitative information. A slightly unusual career trajectory began with five years as an officer in the Scots Guards, three of them spent in Ulster at the tail end of the Troubles. The next decade or so saw him variously setting up emergency relief programmes in southern Sudan and Ethiopia, clearing landmines for the HALO Trust in Mozambique, Afghanistan and Cambodia, studying at the University of Cape Town, looking for gold in Liberia and running a power station in Nairobi along with other little exploits over much of sub-Saharan Africa. He now lives off the grid in the middle of the Savernake forest with his wife and two sons.

His favourite knife is the Astounding Cleaver.


Chris joined us in September 2018 having forged a successful career in Formula 1 production engineering. He now heads up our workshop, ensuring quality from start to finish with a particular focus on the steel process.

His favourite knife is the Classic Chef.


Ben joined Savernake in November 2018 from a background in computer networking. He now makes our knives from the early production phases through to handle shaping, sharpening and everything in between.

His favourite knife is the Compact Chef.


After time in recovery from long-term illness, lots of driving his beloved camper and making broth during ‘windswept and interesting’ nights in his caravan on the Cornish coast, Richy joined Laurie  as knifemaker at Savernake Knives in 2018. His preceding career as a Royal Marine Commando saw him serve in multiple environments and roles; from the arctic circle to the desert; from Professional Driver of dignitaries to Commando and Specialist Weapons Training, supporting UK Special Forces, instructing new recruits and active duty in Afghanistan. When Richy is not in the workshop insisting on excellence with un-relenting attention to detail or still driving his camper; he spends time as a Semi-Professional Singer/Songwriter, Painter, Poet, Supporter of fellow Veterans and keen advocate of Mental Health in the UK. He now lives… somewhere…on a narrowboat.

His favourite knife is the Compact Chef.


Wayne joined us in 2019 with a professional background in butchery and an impressive passion for wood turning. Wayne can be found in the Savernake workshop crafting knives and turning handles for honing steels.

His favourite knife is the Good Chopper.