Our R&D department is always working on the next big idea.Whether we’re collaborating with a creative partner or tinkering away on our own, this is where you’ll find it.

    The smooth and cool feel of Corian pairs perfectly with our incredibly comfortable handles and light-weight blades.

    Hanging from a custom brass peg, these chopping boards display themselves immaculately.

    Smile Plastics' recycled 'Charcoal' material has been used by ourselves and 2LG Studios to hold and display the perfect, pared-down set of chef's knives.

    Charcoal Set


    Tom liked our standard Savernake Knife model, but decided he'd like to increase both the length and depth of the blade.

    Tom Aikens Knife


    We recently worked with Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur Mark Sargeant to create his perfect chef's knife.

    Sargeant Classic


    Our signature multi-tasker with a difference. Our desert island knife for meat, fish and veg, with a full blade engraving designed by Violet Astor mimicking the stripes of the endangered Grevy's zebra.

    A more compact chopper for those who prefer a smaller, lighter blade

    Kiwi Chopper


    A carving knife with an accentuated curve to its flexible blade.

    Pip Lacey Slicer


    A beautiful hybrid knife combining the width and looks of a Chinese cleaver with the rocking motion of a traditional chef's knife.

    Jodie Kidd Chopper