Bespoke Invitation


You’re giving (a very lucky!) someone the opportunity to create a knife from scratch. Starting with a blank piece of paper, and working our way through a prototype-led process, we will help the invitee to create an authentically unique knife. The entire design process, a prototype and a finished knife made from our favoured steel with any handle material and a sheath (or case, or wrap) is included. If you have any questions at all then please get in touch – all our details are on our contact page.

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What Happens Next?

Once you make your purchase, we will send a personalised invitation to the lucky recipient of your good taste and generosity, and then they get in touch with us and help us design the knife they’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve worked with all sorts of cooks, from the obsessive pro to the relaxed but enthusiastic amateur: whether they have a clear idea of a knife they’ve always wanted or just a few vague ideas rattling about in there somewhere, we’ll guide them through every step until one day they find themselves holding a knife like no other in the world – their own.

Cue happy tears and years of gratitude. You really can’t go wrong.

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Custom Invitation

This gives the recipient the chance to build a knife that says something about who they are. Your lucky loved-one can tinker to their heart’s content with over 12000 variants of blade style, handle material, liner colour and pin metal. Not to mention infinite engraving options. They’ll design their perfect knife and we’ll make it for them.

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