Compact Chef

Small, slender, perfectly formed. Great for chopping, slicing, hulling, peeling and mincing.


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Selecting your handle materials is the first step in our 42-stage process that will see your knife made by hand from scratch in 4-6 weeks

“A great team to work with and discuss the myriad of options from steel to handles. The result for me was a three knife set with great walnut handles that look even better than I anticipated, and more to the point handle perfectly. Stunning work!”

Slightly smaller than your average chef’s knife, but more substantial than a paring knife, the Compact Chef is scaled down, slender and perfectly formed.

It’s the smallest of our three chef’s knives, making it the obvious choice for those who like the feel of a larger knife but prefer a more controllable blade. Modeled on the classic French design, the blade tapers to the tip, and is still deep enough to provide plenty of knuckle clearance. The belly has a gentle curve, supporting the rocking chop motion familiar to classically trained chefs. It’s perfect for intense bursts of precision cutting.

The Compact Chef will mince and slice as easily as it will peel and chop. We love it for its lightness, agility and it’s versatility.

Precision engineered from the highest quality high-tech 14c28n Sandvik Swedish steel and sharpened by hand and eye for the ultimate cutting edge.

As with every Savernake Knife, the Compact Chef features our trademark concave hollow grind, expertly blended into a tapering convex cutting edge. This means it is both incredibly light, and easy to hone. It also allows for smoother cutting and slicing due to reduced metal passing through the ingredient, and less sticking, due to the reduced surface contact. Quite simply, the concave hollow grind is the business.

  • The whole range of kitchen tasks
  • Peeling and chopping fruit and veg
  • Meat and fish prep
  • Those who want a compact all-rounder
  • Dimensions: 280mm blade // 155mm overall // ±100 grams
Savernake Knives Compact Chef

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Beautiful additions

Honing Steel

Essential care for your knife edge.

Lock-in magnetic sheath

Keep your knife safe and sharp with a made-to-fit protector

Richlite Chopping Board Set

Sustainable, dish-washer safe and promotes easy chopping.

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