Exclusive Knife and Board

Knife shown with stabilised spalted beech handle


We met Chris Weedon from Parmesan and Pumpkin at this year’s River Cottage festival and were introduced to his beautiful American Walnut chopping boards. So to form the perfect partnership we introduce the Savernake Knife with an American Walnut Handle and Raindrop Chopping board. A stunning pair and a perfect gift for Christmas.

The board has a diameter of nearly 17″ (42cm) and is 2″ thick. We’ve seen a lot of chopping boards in our time, from glass abominations to serviceable efforts by other artisans, but this is an absolute standout.

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Our original finish – subtly brushed to retain the smoothness you’d expect from a good knife, but with a satin look that catches the eye in a very pleasing manner!

A day of being tumbled amongst our secret blend of ceramic balls, followed by the application of a (near!) mirror finish to the chine means a very distinctive look is born. Spectacular with artificial and natural handles alike

We are so enamoured of Richlite that we had a custom grey and black layered variety created for us. Understated black and grey layers contrast immaculately against the steel of the knife and the bright liner. Perfect for hard-working kitchens and those that just want a tool that will work hard day-in, day-out.

This handle comes with a hunter’s orange liner

We love Richlite so much that we had this bespoke, subtle black and grey layered version made especially for us. Durable and lovely to hold, it’s perfectly offset by a hunter’s orange liner.

Layered chocolate and red  Richlite makes for a fantastic alternative to wood. The layers of compressed paper held buy phenolic resin are durable and incredibly smooth and comfortable to hold.

This handle comes with a red liner.

Bocote is a splendid hardwood with both resilience and extremely striking looks. The paler parts of the wood range from warm honey to dark umber.

This handle comes with a black liner.

The deep brick red colour and high density of Burbinga gives it an undeniable visual and physical presence. Burbinga is classed as a hardwood, and its high density is ideal if you want a plain dark handle. A little bit of oil every now and then is all you’ll need to keep it in tip-top condition.

This handle comes with a black liner.

In our youth we were known to sit in an eight and watch the other seven do all the work. This striking blue stripe reminds us pleasantly of such indolent moments, and looks particularly striking in the kitchen.

This handle comes with a blue liner.

Our current favourite for wooden handles, Mopane comes from a sustainable plantation in central Mozambique. It has clear but understated patterning and is incredibly durable and pleasant to hold.

This handle comes with a black liner.

Compressed, coloured recycled paper combined with phenolic resin – Richlite is durable, ecological, smooth and cool to the touch and distinctive

If, as they say, fortune favours the bold then this should be a very lucky knife. The strident pink is pleasantly offset by a subdued grey.

This handle comes with a grey liner.

All the way from lovely Finland, this understated stripe is made from naturally-coloured recycled plywood, which we then stabilise in resin and buff to within an inch of its life.

This handle comes with a grey liner.

Recycled and compressed in a phenolic resin, this is almost the perfect handle material – but annoyingly tricky to get hold of!

This handle comes with a white liner.

We’ve only recently discovered Tigerwood, another recycled wood product held with resin. We love this version with its bold stripes – redolent of english lawns, those weird coats people wear to Henley and umbrellas at Wimbledon.

We are very fond of orange, and so were incredibly pleased to find this Finnish product that is the bolder and more ostentatious of our two house handle options.

This handle comes with a hunter’s orange handle.

The Savernake Knife

We firmly believe that this is the best all-rounder we make. It shows off perfectly everything that makes our knives special – deceptively lightweight, beautiful to behold, astonishingly comfortable to hold and one that will give the recipient the full monty ‘wow factor’ when they first pick it up.

The Agile Yeoman

If we were only allowed two knives in our kitchen, this little fellow would be accompanying the Savernake Knife. A perfect utility blade for finer work.

Compact Chef

A lot of our customers love cooking with our Agile Yeoman, but often asked if we could make a version of the knife with much the same properties of weight and size, but with a deeper blade. So we did, and here it is: The Compact Chef

The Classic

classic | ˈklasɪk | adjective1 – Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. 

Or just “…one of the most beautiful knives we’ve ever seen” as one reviewer would have it.

The Brawny Chef

A scaled-up version of the Classic for those who like a more substantial knife. Still deceptively agile, but with greater knuckle clearance and a blade with more ooomph behind it.

Exemplary Carver

For everything from a little poussin through to a substantial gammon, this is the knife. A comfy handle combined with a slender and gently sloping blade makes carving a joy, not a chore.

Large Eagle’s Claw

Up until the moment that we beheld the Savernake Knife in all its glory, this was our absolute favourite all-rounder. It still holds a very dear place in our hearts and as a reasonable hefty companion it still takes some beating.

The Medium Chopper

The partner in crime to the Savernake Knife, this a sterling all-rounder for those who prefer the cleaver influence in their general knives. It has a full-sized and perfectly contoured handle, with a nimble and agile blade causing carrots to run in fear and chives to tremble at its approach.