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Eagle's Claw No More.

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WEIGHT 145 gms

The Raven's Big Bro.

Our Raven’s Claw fills the role of the more traditional Santoku (a shallow rock and a blade less than 6″ long) and – though we say so ourselves – does so admirably.

Every now and then, however, one just wants a little bit more welly around the kitchen. A bit of heft, some oomph and a smidgen of aggression. So we took a very old knife model of ours called the Eagle’s Claw and gave a it a thorough once-over to upgrade it to the Talon.

As with all Santoku, it excels at scooping, crushing and cutting (or meat, fish and vegetables, depending on who you listen to). Unlike most other Santoku, with a blade made from the finest Swedish steel, it will very happily be conditioned on a honing steel without chipping or breaking.

As with every Savernake, the Talon features our trademark concave blade, expertly blended into a tapering convex cutting edge. The blade’s concavity allows the knife to have both a sturdy spine and a cutting edge best measured in microns. It also removes excess weight and encumbrance from the side of the blade and is – in short – the business.


  • "Outstanding" sharpness and edge durability
  • 60 HRC Sandvik 14c28n
  • Designed for gentle, frequent maintenance on a steel
  • Slicing, Rocking, Chopping


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