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Oyster Shucker

The Sorn Shucker

In partnership with gastronomic adventure company Sorn, Savernake Knives presents the ultimate handmade oyster knife. 10% from the sale of every shucking knife goes to the #savingEster campaign. To order your Sorn Shucker please get in touch via

Oyster Shucker Design Process

As any ardent oyster gastronomer will testify, the frustration of being able to enjoy these most prized of bivalves only during those months of the year with an ‘r’ in them, is equalled only by the frustration felt at trying to prise open the little blighters using a less-than-adequate blade.

We therefore knew that were we to launch our own version of an oyster shucker, it would have to be more than capable of tackling even the most reluctant of molluscs with nary a twinge.

And so, after much prototyping and product testing (all very much in the line of duty) our SORN Shucker was born – the first blade in a knife trilogy, ‘The Elemental Series’, which will launch later in 2021.

Rising admirably to the challenge of helping us design and test our shucker were Sidney and Declan, the unassuming tour de force behind gastronomic adventure company Sorn who organise the most incredible private dining experiences in all four corners of the British Isles.

Sidney and Declan’s brief to us was to design a shucker that was comfortable to use, with an ergonomic handle and somewhere for the thumb to sit to protect it in the case of slippage. A large and rounded shape would stop the hand from cramping when gripping tightly, whilst the blade shouldn’t be too short.

Importantly, the blade needed to be very stiff, given the significant pressure required on occasion in order to prise open an oyster. And some sharpening on the blade to help cut the muscles from the shell when opening would be useful. Finally, they wanted a handle that could be used at every angle.

The resulting shucker is a delight to use, the blade working perfectly on oysters of all sizes. The added weight of the handle acts perfectly as ballast, whilst the sculpted shape fits snugly into the hand allowing it to be manoeuvred easily into a variety of angles to give the best leverage and grip. A custom Richlite sheath protects the blade when not in use.

For the handle of the shucker, we turned to a young British leather tannery – Billy Tannery who use  goatskins left over from the food industry to make handmade leather goods. Jack at Billy Tannery was keen to explore whether we could use the offcuts left over from the making process and which would normally end up in landfill to make our knife handles – and the result is a wonderfully tactile handle that grips beautifully, even more so when wet and which will wear handsomely over time and with use. A Richlite bolster protects the thumb from injury and the handle itself from being damaged by sharp oyster shells.

Finally, we were delighted to have the pleasure of getting to know Chris Ranger of Fal Oyster in Cornwall who harvests some of the last remaining wild native oysters left in the UK using traditional gaff rigged sailing vessels. The Fal oyster was awarded PDO status in 2016 but the population is under threat from a combination of historic overfishing, disease and pollution and so Chris has set up the Ester Foundation (Ester is the Cornish name for oyster) to raise support and funding for an oyster hatchery to try and repopulate the fishery.

To help support the #savingEster crowdfunding campaign (of which you can read more here we will be donating 10% from the sale of every SORN Shucker.

For more information or to order your Sorn Shucker please get in touch with us HERE


Precision engineered from the highest quality high-tech 14c28n Sandvik Swedish steel and sharpened by hand and eye for the ultimate cutting edge.


  • Rigid blade will not flex or chip
  • Ergonomic design allows the blade to used at multiple angles
  • Leather handle provides grip even when wet
  • A custom magnetic sheath protects the blade when not in use


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