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Ultimate Carving Set

Turn carving the Sunday roast into an art form


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Strictly not just for Sundays

A bold claim but we believe our Ultimate Carving Set comprises everything the discerning roast aficionado needs to be able to prepare and serve anything from a humble roast chicken to a leg of lamb with all the trimmings.

Our Ultimate Carving Knife Set comprises the perfect set of knives to deal with roasts of all size and persuasion. The set of three knives, carving fork and matching honing steel is presented in a made-to-order dark brown butterfly leather wrap with contrasting yellow stitching made for us by the incredibly talented master saddlers at E. J. Wicks.

Our OG Carver is designed to allow you to easily carve or slice meat from the bone, whilst the longer proportions of our Extreme Slicer will effortlessly handle everything from the largest roast to the smallest of game birds. Our small but mighty Agile Yeoman will quickly prove its merit, deftly enabling you to tackle veg prep tasks with ease, yet being sturdy and dextrous enough to cut through crackling or even butterfly a chicken.

Our Carving Fork has been designed to make it possible to hold it in either a fist or conventional grip, giving you options to manoeuvre easily as you carve and serve.

Finally a top-class honing steel is combined with a hand-turned handle.

This carving set is resplendent with stunning, highly polished Pau Rosa wood handles and a contrasting electric blue liner. It would be the ideal gift for anyone who relishes demonstrating their carving skills before an anticipative dinner table audience and would persuade even the most reluctant of carvers to tackle the Sunday roast with confidence.

Precision engineered from the highest quality high-tech 14c28n Sandvik Swedish steel and sharpened by hand and eye for the ultimate cutting edge.

As with every Savernake knife, the Ultimate Carving Set features our trademark concave hollow grind, expertly blended into a tapering convex cutting edge. This means it is both incredibly light, and easy to hone. It also allows for smoother cutting and slicing due to reduced metal passing through the ingredient, and less sticking, due to the reduced surface contact. Quite simply, the concave hollow grind is the business.


  • Extreme Slicer – for carving or slicing meat from bone
  • Classic Carving Knife
  • Agile Yeoman - the ultimate utility knife
  • Carving Fork – for keeping the joint steady as you work
  • Honing Steel - for keeping your blades in tip-top shape
  • The fork has been designed to be held very comfortably in both a fist and conventional grip, and the long slender blade deals with large roasts as well as the most delicate grouse.
  • A beautiful leather wrap in which to store the set


Covid 19 Update

To ensure the safety and well being of our small team of knife makers we have implemented additional measures in our workshop to enable us to continue to make custom knives and accessories. The need for us to minimise the number of people in any one area of the workshop at any given time – plus ensuring all knives are sanitised prior to posting – means that our average lead time is currently around 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Need it sooner? Please get in touch and we’ll always do our best to help.
  • Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery in its specially-designed tubular Savernake packaging and guidance on knife care.
  • Gift Boxes, Cards & Ready Made items will be posted as soon as possible upon ordering (same working day if order is placed before 2pm)

International Delivery

We charge £40 flat rate delivery for delivery worldwide

Lifetime guarantee

Our products are guaranteed for a lifetime. We also offer a reconditioning service for damaged knives for a small fee.

We’re sure you’ll love your new knife. If there’s something not right with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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