From axes to kitchen knives…

Five years ago we thought we might want to make axes, and it was spending a day forging a paper knife with the fantastically patient Melissa Cole that led us to the light. A further weekend with the inestimable Dave Budd gave us a further steer, and since then we’ve received excellent advice from all of our suppliers, but most notably Richard Airey of Barmond who supplies us with wisdom and steel and George Roberts from Man and Machine who is the Inventor HSM guru.

Will Chappell, from Apogee Industries in sunny Pewsey, has provided constant moral support and guidance on the CNC front.

Design & Media

Following many iterations of website, our latest was created by the talented team at Thinking Juice. Photography and rendering was done both in-house and by the superbly creative Sean Ebsworth Barnes.

Our film content was very kindly shot for us by the wizard that is Peter Edwards at Ben & Harvey.


For bulk orders and catch-up, or just when our mill can’t cope, we turn to Ashley and John at Multax who are also starting up on their own, but with a great deal more experience in these matters than we could ever hope to gain.

For matters wood-related we often turn to Nigel and Craig at the Lockinge Estate Yard.

Ramsbury Estates is our ever-patient and accommodating landlord.

In the main, however, we are entirely self-taught and it continues to amaze us what the internet, and the willingness to make mistakes and move on, allows one to achieve. We have also read lots of books – including such page-turners as the American Society for Metals Handbook Vol. 5 Surface Cleaning, Finishing and Coating. Drop either of us an email if you’d like some reading recommendations…


Richard and Tiffany at EJ Wicks help us with all our wraps, pouches, sheaths and rolls.

Chefs, Design Collaborators and Food Establishments

Mark Sargeant – Michelin-starred chef at Rocksalt

Tom Aikens – Michelin-starred chef at Muse

Jordan and Russell – interior design duo at 2LG Studio

Daniel Galmiche – Michelin-starred chef

Violet Astor – conservation artist

Neil Rankin – founder of high-end BBQ restaurant group Temper

Emily Scott – award-winning chef at the St Tudy Inn

Matt Worswick – Michelin-starred former head chef at The Latymer

Andy Watts at The Pheasant

Cara Belcher at The London Larder

Juanita Hennessey aka The Fosbury Foodie & Masterchef finalist

Charlie Carroll at Flat Iron

Emily Watkins, Thomas Waller and Vicky Hamilton at The Kingham Plough

Julian Dyer at Pots & Co

John Brown at The Harrow

Jonas Lodge

James Wilkins at Wilks

Tony Fleming at L’Oscar

Warren Geraghty at Galvin

Marianne Lumb – award-winning chef

Victoria Blashford-Snell at Victoria’s Food

Billy & Jack – former Masterchef contestants

Margot Henderson – cookery writer and chef at Arnold & Henderson

Kuba Winkowski at The KubarN (formerly head chef at The Feathered Nest and National Chef of the Year 2017)

Guy Manning at Red Lion


Alistair’s grinders have been a mainstay, and for other wood- and metal-working equipment the advice from Axminster and Scott and Sergeant takes some beating.

Connor at Andmar sourced and supplied our surface grinder.

Haas were completely relaxed with our lack of knowledge, and their delivery and installation team managed to squeeze the beast in to a small shed next to the Shetland Pony.

CromwellBuck and Hickman and that mainstay Machine Mart are great for general bits and bobs and if you can’t find it there, there’s a good chance you’ll track it down on RS Components.

Our furnaces are from Ramsell-Naber and our laser engraver and router from CSI.

Our router tools are supplied (and looked after) by Jack at Thames Valley Saw Services.

After some superb advice from Mark Lancaster, we ended up with a customised magnetic chuck from Ken at Magnetic Systems.

West Country Welding found us a fantastic plasma cutter (and also some very rare spiro-bands).

Most of our wood stabilising equipment is from TurnTex but we have some vacuum systems from Applied Vacuum.

Moleroda supplied us with our vibratory polisher and other finishing tools.

Where required, the electricity is altered to 3 phase by the fantastic convertors made by Power Capacitors, all of which ably installed by Chris, Charlie and Graeme from Wiltshire and Willey.

Our compressors are from Direct Air and our liquid nitrogen handling vessels from Statebourne.

Our initial cutting bevel is made with a machine from Catra and aside from the usual collection of whetstones we use sharpening devices made by Edge Pro.

We test our knives with a venerable Avery hardness tester from Spectrographic.


We source as much wood as possible from Tyler and for more exotic items go to Exotic Hardwoods. Other items related to woodwork come from either the Turner’s Retreat or the Toolpost.

Almost all of our abrasives come from BND, and we get most of our other finishing supplies from Hollison Supply or Cousins.

Our acids come from ReAgent.

A wealth of bits and bobs, for handle work in particular, can be found at English Handmade Knives.

Our mill tooling comes mainly from MA Ford, via CR Hollands or from the excellent Cutwel direct.

Air Products keep us topped up with liquid and gas nitrogen.

Brownell’s anti scale coating is very useful stuff, as is the aluminium and other metals and materials supplied by Smiths.