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Choosing your Savernake knife model is only the start of the customisation journey. With 44,352 possible options to choose from, our knife configurator will walk you through selecting your favourite handle material, liner colour and our other upgrade options, as well as allowing you to specify what engraving you’d like on the blade.

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1 Handle Material


Select Handle Material

Choose from our wide selection of traditional woods, funky stripes or contemporary and highly durable composite handle materials


Just like all of our materials, these natural woods are selected primarily for their longevity. They also happen to look beautiful.


Our contemporary materials offer a wide range of colours alongside exemplary durability and sustainability credentials.


Compressed in a thermal resin, our layered veneer stripes are striking and extremely durable.

2 Liner Colour


Select Liner Colour

The liner sits between the visible steel part of the handle, and the handle material itself. As well as providing a good surface for bonding, it also provides a great opportunity for a flash of contrasting or complimentary colour to your handle.

3 Handle Shape


Select Handle Shape

Every single one of our handles are made-to-order, hand shaped and finished. Our wooden handles benefit from nearly a fortnight of sealing, oiling, waxing and buffing.

4 Spine Detail


Select Spine Detail

We refer to the visible part of the steel in the handle as the spine. Choose either our regular spine or elevate your knife our distinctive spine pattern, hand-coloured to match your liner.

5 Edge Type


Select Edge Type

We painstakingly sharpen our blades by hand to create a 15º bevel on each side. This allows for the perfect balance between cutting efficiency and edge strength. If you prefer an ultra sharp edge that will require more regular sharpening but will shave the hairs off your arm, choose our 10º bevel here.

6 Engraving


Would you like to add engraving?

Complimentary standard blade engraving is included on every Savernake knife. Choose your wording here to preview how the finished engraving will appear on your knife.

If you would prefer to have a logo or bespoke design engraved, please get in touch to discuss options and prices. More information may be found here .


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Congratulations on successfully designing your very own custom Savernake. Click on any of the customisation options to tweak your finished style – or create an account to be able to share your design with someone or revisit it at a later date.

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