Only the finest will do


There is a world of choice when picking the materials for your new knife.


Natural Woods

We’ve tested almost every wood you can think of for our handles, and continue to do so. We keep a small, rotating stock of all of the woods below. However, if there’s another you would like, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just like all of our materials, these natural woods are selected primarily for their longevity. They also happen to look beautiful.


We love Richlite. Made from resin-stabilised layers of paper, it comes in various colour ways. Besides making beautiful handles, we also use it for many of our accessories, including our magnetic lock-in sheaths and chopping boards.

Corian® & Durat®

Corian and Durat are typically used in kitchen worktops, offering a beautiful alternative to granite or marble. We also happen to think they make for extremely handsome knife handles.

G . F Smith Paper

Our latest offering is a special one. We use the wonderful paper from G . F Smith’s Colorplan range to offer infinite handle designs. Pick a selection of colours and tell us how you’d like it to look and we’ll put it through our special stabilising process to create a robust and visually stunning handle for you.


The liner sits between the visible steel part of the handle, and the handle material itself. As well as providing a good surface for bonding, it also provides a great opportunity for a flash of contrasting or complimentary colour to your handle.

If there’s anything here that you’d like us to use for your order, please just get in touch and we’ll make it happen.