Custom Knife Engraving

Knife engraving is the perfect way to create a personalised gift or your own unique knife. All engraving undertaken by Savernake Knives is completed inhouse, by our own engraver. Engraving, teamed with the craftmanship of your own Savernake custom knife, makes for a very special blade that will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Engraving a knife design process

You can add whatever engraving you would like to your knife, and we can do most designs at no extra charge. Our complimentary service includes:

  • Using a typeface of your choice beyond the options available in our knife configurator.
  • Including an image, provided that it is black and white (no shades of grey) and can be supplied to us in at least 1000 x 1000 pixels, and then preferably in a vector format (.AI, .pdf, .SVG) or failing that a high-quality .jpeg or .png.
  • This image should also be able to fit on the blade in its entirety when positioned by eye.

We strongly suggest that if you are looking at a full-blade design, you consider a silvered (rather than black) finish as our engraver has to be forceful. A full blade engraving in black will detract from the smoothness of the blade, and therefore can hamper its cutting action.