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Custom BBQ Knives

Our custom knives have been assessed by CATRA to be in the top 2.5% of blades tested globally, rated excellent for both sharpness and durability. Individually hardened in small batches, hand-thinned and polished they will be your constant companion whatever you throw against them. Each of our custom knives is guaranteed for life and we offer a free re-sharpening and conditioning service for the first three years.

You can customise your blades from our huge selection materials and colours and in addition to adding text as your engraving are more than welcome to send us your own designs.

Design your blades


Our carefully-sourced range of micartas and stabilised woods have been chosen for their durability and robustness, making them ideal for knife handles used regularly in an outdoor BBQ environment.
Equally at home in an indoor kitchen, cooks and chefs alike will appreciate the 60HRC British carbon steel, lifetime guarantee and complimentary personal blade engraving.
Our BBQ knife collection includes many of our most requested designs and blades and we aim to despatch within 5 working days of receiving an order.
And – as ever – if you want to tweak the design or add imagery to your engraving, then just get in touch.

  • Limited, numbered first edition
  • Launching early Spring 2024
  • On-line exclusive
  • 3 fantastic handle designs
  • Full customisation options
  • Made in Britain
  • Guaranteed for Life


Personalised engraving is included on all knives


With proper care, our knives are guaranteed for a lifetime of use


FREE UK delivery, flat rate shipping worldwide

What makes a Savernake Knife: The Art of The Craft

The result of 50+ hours of expert work, every Savernake knife is created to order in our West Country workshop. We combine state-of-the-art engineering with time-honoured hand techniques, taking one of the oldest crafts known to mankind, and reimagining it for the 21st century. Read on to discover how we make our knives…

How we make our knives