Our First Outdoor Knife Collection

As we have strived to create the best knifes for our customers, we have now expanded our range to include knives for the outdoors

From our workshop in the Savernake Forest, we have been making the finest kitchen knives for the last two years, based on over 6 years of learning what makes the best knives for our customers.

It is engrained in the brand to provide our customers with bespoke solutions and therefore, we started being asked to create unique pieces for the outdoors. We have never marketed this before, and we now want to encourage those interested to contact us, to come and see our workshop and work on your own bespoke outdoor knife.

Little known to many people, our knife-makers have been creating bespoke pieces for a number of clients who want knives for the outdoors for over a year now. We have taken inspiration from these commissions to create our own debut collection.

Each knife has been made with its purpose in mind, from the Tout to the Field Utility, the Outdoor Chef and the Quotidien; there it’s a knife to suit every fan of the outdoors. We wanted to capture the needs of the field master, the field-to-fork aficionado and the adventurer.

For the debut collection we have made the handles from English Yew and the blades using our sharp and durable Swedish Sandvik Steel.

Read more about how we started using Yew

We look forward to sharing with you more designs, and more bespoke knives as so many of the knives we make have wonderful stories behind them with great sentiment from their commissioners and their recipients.

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Everything we do, comes from the inspiration our customers give us. We like to work with you to create the perfect knives. All our outdoor knives are custom or bespoke and we want to hear from you