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203 Imperial Yellow Esoterica



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Everyday workhorses

Clearly one needs a good all-rounder for a main blade, maybe even a couple. And for 90% of the tasks in the kitchen they should – if carefully selected – be able to take control with relish. But every now and then it pays to have a bit more specialism lying about, and so why not have them styled in a bold Imperial Yellow. The PC26 carving knife is a fantastically versatile blade, able to free-carve large hams as well as fillet more substantial fish. It’ll slice through the membrane you forgot to remove from your ribs with ease, and then quickly and immaculately whittle down a pineapple for the heathens who like such things on their pizza.

The GT11 is, ostensibly, a bar knife – dedicated to the pursuit of immaculately prepared garnishes and fruit – but it’s also a wonderfully versatile utility knife, giving you a nice deep blade and substantial knuckle clearance; something rarely found with its ilk.


  • SF100 British Steel
  • Imperial Yellow | Black
  • Made by Harry
  • Each blade hand finished in our workshop
  • Engraved, sharpened and polished by Savernake


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