Extreme Slicer

Honour the animal with this superlative carving knife.

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or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £62.50 with Laybuy

or 6 weekly interest-free payments from £62.50

Selecting your handle materials is the first step in our 42-stage process that will see your knife made by hand from scratch in 4-6 weeks

An absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship arrived today! The weight and balance is perfect, the finish is unlikely anything I have come across before. All the way through the process I have been kept informed by Phil and been given options to make this knife my own, I would highly recommend Savernake Knives 11/10

Formed from 9" of top quality steel, the blade on our Extreme Slicer will have you carving with ease.

An essential part of any meat-lovers kit, this carving knife looks and feels effortless.

Inspired by knives we’ve created with professional chefs, it is ideal for carving boned meat and releasing flesh from the bones of poultry and game.

Featuring our signature hollow grind, the blade is lightweight and easy to use. It’s extra long, enabling long-stroke cuts and ensuring cuts glide, rather than saw. The narrow, pointed tip lets you access those hard-to-reach tasty morsels, such as chicken oysters.

Perfect roast dinners deserve nothing less.

We can engrave the blade with whatever you like for no additional charge.

Precision engineered from the highest quality high-tech 14c28n Sandvik Swedish steel and sharpened by hand and eye for the ultimate cutting edge.

As with every Savernake Knife, the Extreme Slicer features our trademark concave hollow grind, expertly blended into a tapering convex cutting edge. This means it is both incredibly light, and easy to hone. It also allows for smoother cutting and slicing due to reduced metal passing through the ingredient, and less sticking, due to the reduced surface contact. Quite simply, the concave hollow grind is the business.

  • Carving boned meat
  • Slicing poultry and game from the bone
  • Long, clean strokes
  • Winkling out hard to reach delicacies
  • Dimensions: 240mm blade // 370mm overall // ±125 grams

Beautiful additions

Honing Steel

Essential care for your knife edge.

Lock-in magnetic sheath

Keep your knife safe and sharp with a made-to-fit protector

Custom suede pouch

Made-to-order knife pouch by master saddlers E.J Wicks.

Shipping & lifetime guarantee

  • Every Savernake product is made to order. The quest for perfection takes time, so please allow 4-6 weeks for your order to arrive (see below for Gift Invitations & Panic Department).
  • Need it sooner? Please get in touch and we’ll always do our best to help.
  • Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery in its specially-designed tubular Savernake packaging and guidance on knife care.
  • Gift invitations & Ready Made items will be posted as soon as possible upon ordering (same working day if order is placed before 2pm).

International deliveries will be charged at £20 at checkout.

Our products are guaranteed for a lifetime. We also offer a reconditioning service for damaged knives for a small fee.

We’re sure you’ll love your new knife. If there’s something not right with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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