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G&T Slicer

clink clink fizz fizz glug glug.

From £260.00 - £380.00

WEIGHT 80 gms

No drinks cabinet left behind.

We originally made this knife in a shameless attempt to curry favour with a barman in an establishment dear to our hearts. Working on the principles that if any free knives make an appearance they get gobbled up by the kitchen, and that having to cut up piles of cucumber, limes and lemon with a pound-shop special all night long is not much fun, we made him this little scalpel-like beauty, in the hope that he might look favourably upon us when the bar was busy but we were thirsty.

It all worked out splendidly, and so we can’t recommend this knife highly enough on that basis alone. However, it is also a very handy little utility knife to have about the kitchen, with baby tomatoes, radishes and other items of that nature yielding to its meticulous geometry.

As with every Savernake, the G&T slicer features our trademark concave blade, expertly blended into a tapering convex cutting edge. The blade’s concavity allows the knife to have both a sturdy spine and a cutting edge best measured in microns. It also removes excess weight and encumbrance from the side of the blade and is – in short – the business.


  • "Outstanding" sharpness and edge durability
  • 60 HRC Sandvik 14c28n
  • Designed for gentle, frequent maintenance on a steel
  • Fine work
  • Fruit, small veg, herbs, garnishes


Ready Made Knives

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Custom Knives

We aim to despatch all orders within 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials we use.

All orders will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed in specially-designed tubular Savernake packaging. This delivery method is insured and requires a signature from the recipient.

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Our products are guaranteed for a lifetime. We also offer a reconditioning service for damaged knives for a small fee.

We’re sure you’ll love your new knife. If there’s something not right with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  1. Jen Kirwan

    I just wanted to let you know that the parcels arrived safely on Saturday and look great. Ruari will open them later and I’m sure will love them. I’ll let you know. I also wanted to thank you personally for your excellent service. I think your company and yourself particularly have probably provided the best service I have experienced for a long time. I will write a letter of thanks to the company and am happy to provide a very positive review should you like me to do so.

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