The Classic

Knife shown with stabilised spalted beech handle


While being keen and enthusiastic in the kitchen, we are a very (very) long way from being required to put in the hours and time required by the professionals. For us, then, this knife is our most beloved.

While being keen and enthusiastic in the kitchen, we are a very (very) long way from being required to put in the hours and time required by the professionals. For us, then, this knife is our most beloved. It is substantial enough to help us in our work, while being wieldy and dextrous at the same time. We also feel that, in terms of profile alone, it’s the most beautiful knife we make. It took us a very long time to settle on a knife between our large and small slicers, and this is it.


Make your knife truly unique

We engrave every knife with our logo so why not flip it over and put the machinery to work! We can quickly and easily engrave any text you would like, and can even put on simple images – if you’d like something special then get in touch by email once you’ve placed your order and we can send you back a mock-up of a design.

Anything else?

Please feel free to email if you have any questions, or just type us a short message here. Whether it’s a delivery quirk, an enquiry for a leather wrap or pouch or just a desire to explore our full handle collection, we’re up to help.

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We love this finish – a gloriously understated matte that slides through food smoothly and is incredibly easy to keep clean and is very resistant to scratching. If we only had one finish, this would be the one – and one that is quite unlike any other we’ve seen.

For those looking for a more rustic feel, a day spent in a tumbler with specially-selected ceramic media and a bit of a brush up with some aluminium oxide will give a blade a pleasantly softened satin finish.

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The deep brick red colour and high density of Burbinga gives it an undeniable visual and physical presence. Burbinga is classed as a hardwood, and its high density is ideal if you want a plain dark handle. A little bit of oil every now and then is all you’ll need to keep it in tip-top condition.

Lacewood is the name given to the distinctive type of wood produced by a number of trees: we use London Plane sourced from the UK. The distinctive and decorative appearance of the wood stands out clearly even in the most crowded kitchen, and with our stabilisation process making it much more resistant than untreated wood, the lighter colour won’t be marked or effected by spills and spices.

All the way from Mankato, Minnesota this coloured G10 stands out superbly. G10 is a fibreglass laminate, made by stacking (and then compressing while heating) layers of glass cloth soaked in Epoxy resin.

For those looking for a different style of handle, then we highly recommend layered Richlite. It is an incredibly durable and highly sustainable material made from recycled resin-infused paper. The ‘Cascade’ collection was originally designed for the fretboard of high-end guitars, giving a lovely feel and resilience along with its distinctive markings. Other colour schemes can be found on our Richlite Range Sheet – please email if one takes your eye.

Look no further if you like a warm look to your handle as the yellowish brown colour of African Olive with its darker or black contrasting streaks makes this a superb choice. Our stabilisation process gives it even greater durability without sacrificing tactility.

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Our original handle material, and still one of our favourites. Every piece is different, with the spalting appearing as lines, waves, mottling and shading in various combinations across each handle. Spalted beech is only viable as a handle material due to stabilisation, but when so treated makes a wonderful and long-lasting piece.

Sensuous and hard-wearing American Walnut, hand-sanded and oiled to perfection. From the same block of wood as the board that it accompanies.

The Savernake Knife

We firmly believe that this is the best all-rounder we make. It shows off perfectly everything that makes our knives special – deceptively lightweight, beautiful to behold, astonishingly comfortable to hold and one that will give the recipient the full monty ‘wow factor’ when they first pick it up.

The Agile Yeoman

If we were only allowed two knives in our kitchen, this little fellow would be accompanying the Savernake Knife. A perfect utility blade for finer work.

Compact Chef

A lot of our customers love cooking with our Agile Yeoman, but often asked if we could make a version of the knife with much the same properties of weight and size, but with a deeper blade. So we did, and here it is: The Compact Chef

The Classic

classic | ˈklasɪk | adjective1 – Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. 

Or just “…one of the most beautiful knives we’ve ever seen” as one reviewer would have it.

The Brawny Chef

A scaled-up version of the Classic for those who like a more substantial knife. Still deceptively agile, but with greater knuckle clearance and a blade with more ooomph behind it.

Exemplary Carver

For everything from a little poussin through to a substantial gammon, this is the knife. A comfy handle combined with a slender and gently sloping blade makes carving a joy, not a chore.

Large Eagle’s Claw

Up until the moment that we beheld the Savernake Knife in all its glory, this was our absolute favourite all-rounder. It still holds a very dear place in our hearts and as a reasonable hefty companion it still takes some beating.

The Medium Chopper

The partner in crime to the Savernake Knife, this a sterling all-rounder for those who prefer the cleaver influence in their general knives. It has a full-sized and perfectly contoured handle, with a nimble and agile blade causing carrots to run in fear and chives to tremble at its approach.