Discover the Art of Custom Knives

Our custom knives are – first and foremost – formidable tools.

Every single one is created from scratch in our Wiltshire workshop, taking anything up to 50 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials chosen.

Because every knife is made to order, we have continually improved our designs over the thousands of blades we have crafted. We have spent days slightly moving the rivet position (and design) to achieve optimal security alone, to say nothing of the multiple iterations of blade refinement.

What sets our custom knives apart from any others that we’ve come across – and which is only possible due to our unique way of making – is our signature irregular concavity. From a crafting point of view this requires us to use processes and techniques unique to ourselves, but what it adds up to is a knife that is significantly lighter than its peers and astonishingly fine behind the cutting edge.

This edge has been independently rated as being in the top 2.5% of all blades ever tested by CATRA (the industry body) and when you combine this with a blade that is generally less than 1mm thick for the best part of the bottom third of the knife, you’re using something that has geometry more akin to a scalpel than a conventional kitchen chopper..

We can only combine this thinness with our edge sharpness and durability because we have used the fantastic Sandvik 14c28n to make every custom knife since we began. We love this steel and we know how to work it, and how to ensure that every knife is produced at the optimal 60 HRC.

Only once we’re happy that the knife performs stupendously well in its particular function, do we turn our hand to aesthetics. We have carefully curated and nurtured a range of woods, composites and left-field options to allow our customers to choose from over 20,000 possible permutations to create a blade that is entirely unique to themselves.

And if you can’t see what you’re after, by virtue of either look of function? Then simply get in touch – the only person who’ll answer your call or email is also a maker, and so whether you’d simply like to tweak a blade for some extra knuckle clearance or want to delve deeper into our vast repository of engravings, materials, coatings or blade metals, we’re here to help and (so far!) have yet to fail to rise to a challenge.

We’ve not re-invented what a good knife should be, but we’ve made sure that every step of our process adheres to the fundamental principles of good knife-making; don’t take shortcuts, take your time and really (really) sweat the details.

And with this all comes our lifetime guarantee and a complimentary resharpening and reconditioning service for the first three years after purchase.