The Ultimate, Sustainable Knife Set

We were very lucky recently to work on a set of knives for the wonderfully grounded chef, best-selling author and pioneer of wellness Jasmine Hemsley. Jasmine believes in conscious, healthy and joyful living, drawing from the depth of Eastern wisdom and holistic philosophies of health, and marrying that with the latest cutting-edge technology and developments in Western wellbeing.

We think it’s possibly the first (and, Laurie would say, last) time he’s ever been asked to meditate and participate in a sound bath whilst delivering a customer’s knives – but both he and our photographer Sean certainly enjoyed tucking into Jasmine’s banana bread during the visit, the recipe for which you can find here.


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Anyway, enough preamble – let’s get down to the business of talking about Jasmine’s knife set – which, as a collection of eight blades, a honing steel and matching magnetic knife rack, is most certainly worth the air time.

Jasmine and her partner Nick had been talking for the past two years about investing in a new set of knives – a set for everyday use that was something a bit different, UK-made, distinct in style and ideally, made from sustainable materials that would match their “buy it once, buy it well” approach.

For the handles, they chose three shades of Durat – lavender, white and dark grey – a material made from post-industrial recycled waste which is in itself recyclable – another sustainable bonus. This matched beautifully with our English Walnut veneer (from FSC accredited suppliers) layered with G . F Smith lavender and white paper on some of the handles for a textured look that really shows off the handle shape.  A matching honing steel completed the line up and means Jasmine and Nick will easily be able to keep their knives in tip top condition.

Finally, we made a custom magnetic knife rack from solid English Walnut with a specially routed section for holding the honing steel alongside the eight knives.

Jasmine’s knife collection is now available to buy as a full set – or as individual knives which you can mix and match at will.  Complimentary engraving and delivery within the UK is included as with all Savernake knives.

“These knives are a game changer – no wonder chopping carrots feels like child’s play for us these days!”

– Jasmine Hemsley – Chef, Author & Wellness Pioneer


Personalised engraving is included on all knives


With proper care, our knives are guaranteed for a lifetime of use


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What makes a Savernake Knife: The Art of The Craft

The result of 50+ hours of expert work, every Savernake knife is created to order in our West Country workshop. We combine state-of-the-art engineering with time-honoured hand techniques, taking one of the oldest crafts known to mankind, and reimagining it for the 21st century. Read on to discover how we make our knives…

How we make our knives