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Richlite Cutting Board Set

Sustainable, dishwasher safe and the perfect chopping surface


The only set of chopping boards you need

Three sleek black, lightweight, dishwasher safe chopping boards. Made from tough, sustainable Richlite using resin-stabilised paper layers.

With a little care, your Savernake knives will last you a lifetime. One way to keep them in prime condition is to always cut down onto the right kind of surface. With this in mind we’ve created chopping boards made from the same robust and ecological material that we use for many of our knife handles. Resilient enough to go through the dishwasher and nonporous so they won’t pick up the smell of whatever you’re chopping, they come in three sizes to suit any job.

Our chopping boards are made from a material called Richlite, which consists of many layers of FSC-certified paper encapsulated in a phenolic resin. When finishing, we apply a thin layer of mixed walnut oil and beeswax that can quickly be washed off.

Having neither the grain of wood nor the grip of plastic, Richlite is the ideal chopping surface. It is food-safe and will very happily go in the dishwasher without warping.

Like an old zinc counter-top, it looks best when new or when worn in. Our preferred way of looking after the boards is to use an aggressive green scrubbing sponge and really go to town on it; done properly the rinsing water should go grey to show you’ve effectively sanded off the top few microns.

We believe this leaves the board with a fantastic, well-loved appearance, but popping it in the dishwasher will work just as well and is a lot easier….

Made to order in our Wiltshire workshop.


  • Tough, durable chopping boards
  • Made from sustainable Richlite
  • Ideal cutting surface
  • Protects your knife edge
  • Dimensions: Large (370mm x 240mm x 5mm); Medium (350mm x 195mm x 5mm); Small (240mm x 154mm x 5mm)


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  1. david-9168

    Since, despite lusting for one or more of the knives, I didn’t feel quite rich enough on the day in question, I bought a set of these boards. They turned out to be simply brilliant: 3 boards, each the perfect size and a joy to cut on. They beat both wood and awful plastic because they can be cut on like wood yet go in the dishwasher like plastic. The surface of the boards is also super easy to maintain: a serious hard scrub from time to time with the ubiquitous green scratchy thing sees to that.

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