“The customers who really intrigue me are those who cook for their families day in, day out, who use a knife three times a day and have no love for that knife. We want to make them a knife that they will love – that takes away the drudgery and brings back joy.”

– Laurie Timpson, Savernake Founder & Master Knifemaker

In our endless pursuit of perfection, we have ripped up the knifemaking rule book.

We started at the chopping board and worked back, asking ourselves what makes the cleanest, most graceful cut? What fits just so in the hand? What turns any ingredient to butter? What makes service or dinner party prep fly by, yet will last a lifetime in the kitchen? What does every cook or chef need to best express their creativity, nourish their loved ones and excel in their careers? We are always asking ourselves those questions and many more. Always innovating and always pushing our processes forward. Taking one of mankind’s oldest crafts, and bringing it into the 21st century.

A Passion for Perfection

Our Savernake team may all come from vastly different backgrounds but they share one thing in common – an absolute obsession with detail and making sure every single knife is meticulously made and individually inspected before being allowed to leave our Wiltshire workshop.

If you share that same passion for perfection and harbour a secret desire to make or market some of the finest knives in the world, why not drop us a line to see if we have any opportunities for you to come and work with us.

Careers at Savernake

“I can honestly say from start to finish the customer service from you guys really was first class, my journey started on the 16th of May – by far the longest 6 weeks of my life waiting for these babies to be made but once I got my order – I’ve never been more in love with the tools of my trade.”

– Matthew Bare, Savernake Customer – June 2020

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What makes a Savernake Knife: The art of the craft

The result of 50+ hours of expert work, every Savernake knife is created to order in our West Country workshop. We combine state-of-the-art engineering with time-honoured hand techniques, taking one of the oldest crafts known to mankind, and reimagining it for the 21st century. Read on to discover how we make our knives…

How we make our knives