Neil Rankin X Savernake Knives

The man behind high-end barbecue joint Temper shares his perfect set of Savernake knives

We worked with Neil to come up with 4 different designs which would be perfect for his style of cooking: a boning knife, a chicken knife, a big machete-style butcher knife and a small BBQ cleaver. Neil wanted to integrate a grippy surface into the handles by adding grooves. All of these knives are now available to buy separately or as the Neil Rankin BBQ set.

Using these sketches, we came up with a virtual 3D model of the designs to create a concept board.

The next stage in the process was to create some fully functional prototypes for Neil to put through their paces and see if there was anything he wanted to improve or change. After getting the thumbs up, we moved on to creating the final knives. Neil chose handles made from Richlite, a very robust, workable material made from stacked, compressed recycled paper. When shaping the handle, the multi-coloured layers create a nice contoured effect.

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