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Othilie Knife Quartet

We love Yew


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Showcasing the finest English craftsmanship & materials

This smart set of four knives has handles made from the finest English Yew and would make a wonderful option for anyone who champions British craftsmanship.

Laurie’s go-to blade in the kitchen, cleavers may have a misguided reputation as being something that only butchers or Asian chefs use, but our Astounding Cleaver is one of those knives that you may not see the point in, have a go with and then soon find yourself using for everything, it’s just so much fun and such a joy to wield.

The Classic is our take on a mid-sized European chef’s knife; comfortable, balanced and precise with a fantastic rocking action along the length of the blade. It is just as perfectly at home preparing a rack of lamb as it is a stack of turnips, and will find a home with new and experiences cooks alike. Our eponymously titled Useful Boner is all you need to prepare birds and joints. It’s compact, robust and versatile, providing both leverage and scope to get right into the nooks and crannies.

Finally our perfectly proportioned Nimble Chopper is quite possibly the most versatile of the quartet, its nakiri-styled blade lending itself to veg, fruit, herbs, garnishes whilst serving admirably as a great-sized utility knife.

Whatever your preferred cooking style and whether you are prepping veg and fruit, slicing meat or fish, or doing fiddly tasks like peeling garlic, this classically handsome set has you well and truly covered.

We used fine English Yew for the handles of this set – you can read the touching story of how this wood came to be in our possession here. It’s the first time we’ve ever used yew, let alone English Yew – very few English woods are actually suitable for use as knife handles – but we have fallen head over heels in love with how wonderful it is to shape and polish, with the oils present in the wood making it a naturally durable material that will age beautifully. We chose a dark green liner to offset the yew to perfection.

If bought separately, the value of these knives would be £1,425 making this set exceptionally good value. A matching honing steel is also available.

As ever, if you’d like to create your own custom set, please get in touch. Anything is possible.

Precision engineered from the highest quality high-tech 14c28n Sandvik Swedish steel and sharpened by hand and eye for the ultimate cutting edge.

As with every Savernake Knife, the knives in the Othilie Quartet feature our trademark concave hollow grind, expertly blended into a tapering convex cutting edge. This means it is both incredibly light, and easy to hone. It also allows for smoother cutting and slicing due to reduced metal passing through the ingredient, and less sticking, due to the reduced surface contact. Quite simply, the concave hollow grind is the business.


  • This set focuses on general kitchen tasks
  • Astounding Cleaver - ideal when heft and dexterity is called for
  • Classic - our take on a traditional European chef's knife - a great all-rounder
  • Nimble Chopper - Japanese-influenced smaller utility knife
  • Useful Boner - prep poultry and game cleanly and efficiently
  • See individual knives for dimensions


Ready Made Knives

Gift Cards, Maker’s Choice and Ready Made Knives are all despatched on the same day if ordered before 2pm. Otherwise they are send out the following business day.

Custom Knives

We aim to despatch all orders within 3-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials we use.

All orders will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed in specially-designed tubular Savernake packaging. This delivery method is insured and requires a signature from the recipient.

International Delivery

We charge £40 flat rate delivery for delivery worldwide

Lifetime guarantee

Our products are guaranteed for a lifetime. We also offer a reconditioning service for damaged knives for a small fee.

We’re sure you’ll love your new knife. If there’s something not right with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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